A big (small) change

So I'm trying something a bit different for a morning beverage: Green Tea with a slice of lemon. I've drastically reduced my caffine intake over the past few weeks. This has really been a challenge to me and I'm sure anyone who's tried quitting or reducing caffine intake has dealt with the skull crushing headaches. Now that those have subsided, today will be the first day in a long while that I'm going all out and ruling coffee out in the AM as a usual jumpstart prior to work.

My reasons for doing this? Coffee wasn't working any more and I've tried other energy drinks and they leave me feeling quite strange to say the least. This is simply an adjustment to center myself and press the reset button as my caffine tolerance was just getting out of hand.

I want to be able to USE coffee and have it effect me. Sometimes you just need a little push and coffee does that very well.