A new year, a new you

I have a private list of goals that I've been working on. Today I began on a couple of them.  

1) Start excercising again, with regularity. Today I ran about 5k in 43 minutes and biked about the same. It felt amazing, I didn't think I could run that much after not running for so long and after recently starting and stopping smoking. 

2) I've resolved to complete reading more books. I read Aziz's book, "Modern Romance". I purchased and finished it in the same day; no small feat for me.  I'd recommend this book to anyone currently single or questioning their love in a relationship.  

Another thing I did that wasn't on my list but is notable was to remove my ex-girlfriend's name from the mailbox after being there for almost a year. Something I probably should have done a while ago but was too lazy to do..or seemed too difficult to peel off literally.  Having the determination to take the time to peel it off was gratifying. Now I feel It's really more an acknowledgement to leave the past and commit myself to finding happiness with myself or be it someone else.