What are the different ways you've heard of someone dying, not on the internet that is close to you? 

My great grandmother died after breaking her hip, my grandfather got a call and I've never seen him cry so hard -- this was his wife's mother for context. I wasn't moved by her death but buy his reaction to it. There's so much history that I don't know nor will I ever. 

My aunt in Colorado, who killed herself -- I believe she hung herself. It was an over the phone experience, and nothing more but it's when I became enlightened of depression. 

My neighbor's grandson's father. A kid I grew up, his father died by turning on his gas and then lighting something -- i think it was a cigarette. I don't remember details, more than sentiment. His child's response, which seemed negligable or in shock -- i stil don't quite know. 

My grandmother's death -- it's still so jarring and difficult to type but I revisit it in my brain from time to time, getting a call and just knowing and then asking yourself why you never said goodbye that day -- her cold lips, that's the last I saw of her. This was essentially my mother, the reason who I was the person I am and the person along with my grandfather why I'm so thankful for being. 

My grandfather - this wasn't abrupt, it was a human deteriorating over time from the strongest person you knew to someone who had no idea who they were. You knew it was coming, you could do nothing about except hope that you didn't have to watch them die -- except you were watching them die little by little over time and I'm more grateful that they didn't get sent to some 'home'. He died pumped full of morphine, and me close to him to send him in to space. Along with my grandmother, he has been a huge influence on everything that is good in my life. 

My friend Keith, who killed himself -- don't know how. 

My friend Michael, his heart exploded -- he taught me how to skate. 

My dear friend Alex, without whom I'd definitely not be hear, yet It's still difficult to think of you as gone until I'm listening to some album and I want to share it with you -- this hurts. 

The old people you meet, but you take for granted - Mr. Trees, Mr. Bleeker,, Mr. guy who saved a bunch of people during the holocaust that I can't remember his name but who could play an amazing multi-harmonica and was difficult to go with to restaurants. 

They're all gone.