Just Becoming Ok(?) Again

Other than death, or some insignificant thing like that, it is increasingly difficult to write about your current state. For every word defines who you are. The comma that separates a definition is crucial and being able to elaborate on who you are, to not define yourself too well and not let anyone come to conclusions about you is a struggle where you know the value in writing things down for yourself -- sometimes these shouldn't be the most public words because of that. To me, it's adapting to your environment, where things move so fast, take a picture to remember, tweet a word there... and maybe you're not exactly doing it for yourself. You're doing it for a legacy of remembrance. Anyways... that wasn't my point. 

Solitude and beginning to deal with it after years of having a companion that knows you so well where the comfort is was there, was the ultimate learning experience or evolution of yourself. The fact they know who you are, can be restrictive, unless you're defining that you can become a different person even if that means it's not being a companion with that person. That part wasn't and isn't easy, and I still constantly ask myself if I've made the right decision. 

I was going somewhere with this, I just needed to get my words out. In either case, dealing with a new found solitude is new, scary and uncomfortable. And I constantly remind myself that's ok.