Life and remaining time

I've been reeling from one of the most vivid dreams I've ever had in my life and It's had such an impact on how I perceive daylight, life and the feeling of being alive. I've been telling the others about this experience and I probably sound like a crazy person or just someone with a dream. I haven't felt this way where a non-waking idea could stir this much inside you that it changes who you are. A somewhat scary concept. So what was it, let me do my best to describe it. 

A bright green flash in the distance.

Where I am "physically" could only be described as ruins of my former city, after walking out of a multi-story hotel(?). There was a massive wedding occurring on one floor, on another floor, the top floor where we walked in, was an upscale restaurant on a terrace. We were led to our table. At point, I some how ended up taking the elevator to the other floors and becoming lost, each floor was quite different in terms of the interior decoration -- but one theme stuck out -- an auburn theme of gold and white, like a low flickering flame. Who, was with me? It was a group of individuals with whom I spend most of my normal waking days with, but no one in particular that I can remember except for my colleague, Eric. Now it was time to depart, we entered through the top and left together on the bottom floor. 

So that's the setting. Now back to that flash. The green flash, had happened. The origin was briefly unknown, it was much too bright to process where it was exactly other than it had happened and there's no question whatever it was, was big. 

Immediately after the flash, all the electricity goes out -- no light pollution, just night. Milliseconds later and seemingly 10-15 miles or further in the distance, you see the origin or you see a furious white and orange light -- flames for all intents and purposes. It's approaching quickly and in that moment, you realize the end and wonder. 

What about everyone else?
Are all the people I care about ok?
What will tomorrow be like?

And none of that matters, because you will never know. 

As the flames approach, I turn my face and jump to the floor in an attempt to save myself from the pain. 

I expected pain, and instead received a comforting and blinding white warmth. The comfort is hard to describe, but it's important to mention that it wasn't despair. 

And then I woke up, looking beyond the white curtains to a serene cloudless spring day in New Jersey. 

I knew exactly where I was and I am still supremely grateful for being able to wake another day.